We unlock humans' potential and develop their skills.

We unlock humans' potential and develop their skills.


WeBoard is a comprehensive training platform based on a unique combination of immersive technologies (conversational AI training bots, VR) and, more importantly, the humans' personal experience.

We create realistic simulations of real situations that train humans through a natural spoken conversation.

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    Higher memorability of information

    Active participation in training through voice conversation increases engagement and thus retention of information.

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    Motivation to learn

    Increase people's motivation to learn by making training interactive and fun.

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    More time for what's really important

    Your trainers will have more time thanks to training automation. We can train anytime, anywhere and anyone in the world.

Use Cases

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    Sales & Customer Service

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    Training of external partners

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    Learning & Assessment

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    Preparing for a situations

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    Risk & Change Management

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    Increasing the effectiveness of trainers

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    Lower costs and higher training efficiency thanks to conversational AI technology that can be used at any time and on any device.

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    Easy integration

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    Take the benefits of VR to the next level. Thanks to the unique connection between AI and VR.

Know your path & skills

Get a new view into your education & training path.
WeDash gives you unique insight into your performance and skill

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“Czechs have developed a unique virtual assistant. They want to use AI for training.”

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  • Techno Logic Festival 2021
  • Deloitte Fast 50 2022 Central Europe